Couldn’t my child’s personal information be compromised if I have a child ID kit completed on them?

No, while the same FBI certified fingerprint scanner is used to obtain both adult and child fingerprints, the child ID fingerprints, photo, and demographic information is captured using a different software package. Once the fingerprint card is printed, all of the child’s information is deleted from the system automatically by the computer software. None of the child’s information is retained, or transmitted to any other agency. Identification Resources only retains the consent form signed by the parent/guardian. All other material obtained is turned over to the family in the kit.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard., Discover, cash, company check, and pre-approved company billing.


How does Livescan fingerprinting differ from traditional inked fingerprinting?

Traditional fingerprinting is a process that is well over 100 years old. It involves applying ink to the ridge structures present on the fingers, and then making a recording of the fingerprint ridge characteristics by rolling the inked fingers onto a fingerprint card. Livescan fingerprinting involves placing the fingers onto a small computer scanner, and scanning an image of the fingerprint characteristics into a computer software program that readies it for submission to the Illinois State Police and/or FBI.


What are the advantages of Livescan fingerprinting over the traditional ink and paper method?

For the person being fingerprinted, the traditional ink and paper method is a messy process that is no longer necessary. Aside from the elimination of the messy ink, the Livescan process for fingerprinting offers numerous advantages to the customer. First, the Livescan system connects directly to the Illinois State Police and the FBI, allowing a rapid submission of the fingerprints, and thus, a quicker return of the final background check report to the customer.  The ink and paper method of fingerprinting requires that the fingerprint card be mailed to the Illinois State Police, who then have to manually scan the fingerprint card into their database system. This, unfortunately, in most cases, results in turnaround times of several weeks before the background check results are returned to the customer, often resulting in significant delays in obtaining professional licenses and employment decisions. Fingerprints that are submitted electronically via Livescan will typically result in background check returns from the Illinois State Police and FBI within 48 hours.


What are the advantages of using IDentification Resources over other local Livescan fingerprint vendors?

Customers now have options when it comes to having a fingerprint background check done. We realize that having to undergo a background check is an inconvenience. Because of that, we have made it our goal to make the process as convenient for our customers as possible. We will bring our portable Livescan system to your office, HR department, home, or other location. We will also complete your fingerprinting early in the morning, during the evening, on weekends, and even on holidays. Call us for an appointment, and we will do everything possible to make our service work with your schedule, and not the other way around. The pricing we offer is also considerably less than what other area fingerprinting agencies are offering.


What if I don’t want you to come to my location?

If you don’t wish for us to come to your location, please let us know. Arrangements can be made to do your fingerprinting at the IDentification Resources office, or at another location.

What else will I need?

You will need to provide our technician with either a valid state issued drivers license or valid state issued photo identification card in order for us to fingerprint you.


What do I need at my home or place of business to accommodate the IDentification Resources fingerprint technician?

The only thing our technician will require from the customer is an available electrical outlet.


How do I know no one else will get my fingerprints?

All fingerprint images transmitted to the Illinois State Police and the FBI are transmitted through a secure connection that has been approved and tested by the Illinois State Police.


Are discounts offered?

Yes, if your organization has a group of people that need to be fingerprinted, or you need to have individuals fingerprinted on a regular basis, we are able to offer you discounted rates. We also ooofer discounted pricing to students. Please contact us to discuss what we can offer for you.